Health Tips to Enjoy Your Air Travel

With the approaching vacations most of the people either plan to visit their relatives or go for a holiday trip. In order to have a safe and relaxing journey most of them prefer to travel via airways. Though airways is considered as the most convenient and comfortable way to travel from one place to another, there are some people who face certain health issues during their journey. If you are also planning to travel via airplane in the upcoming days and have a phobia of traveling via aircraft, this article is tailor-made for you.Motion SicknessIf you often face health issues like motion sickness the following health tips can help you to a great deal.· Avoid having late night spicy dinner and alcohol.· Make sure that you get a window seat booked for you.· Eat a healthy but light breakfast before boarding the flight.· Drink plenty of juices and water.· If you feel the symptoms of nausea keep your head still and relax in your chair. Make sure that the air vents are open.Fear of flyingThere are some individuals who have a phobia of flying and often experience discomfort during the flight. The ones who are boarding the flight for the first time also feel uneasiness. In order to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable journey following tips are highly effective.· Relax in your chair and close your eyes at the time of take off and landing.· Take deep breaths in order to relax your body.· In order to drain off the tension, imagine things that you would do during your trip. The best thing is to enjoy the scenic beauty and panoramic views of the land from the window.Inconvenience due to changes in cabin pressureThe inside pressure of the aircraft is liable to change at the time of landing and take off. The passengers having health issues like cold or infection in the respiratory track might feel discomfort as their ears might get blocked. To avoid this discomfort you can do the following:· Drink boiled sweets and move your jaw regularly.· Avoid sleeping at the time of landing and take off.· The children can be made to drink fluids like milk, juice or sweets.· Nasal drops can also be used as per the prescription of the physician.Food and DrinksThe passengers are offered relishing cuisine on the flight but the changes in inside pressure can lead to discomfort and mild bloating. Following the below suggested tips can help you in enjoying your meal during the flight.· Avoid eating heavy meals and alcoholic beverages. Instead of heavy meals you can go for fluids like juice and water.· Excessive intake of coffee or tea is also not recommended as it might lead to dehydration.Airplane Medical KitsThe contents of the medical kit of the aircraft are approved by the physicians. No additional medicines can be included without the approval of DGCA. Hence, the travelers are advised to carry the medication they might need during the journey.

Essential Health Tips For Telesales and Telemarketing Professionals

There are many who want to be part of the telemarketing industry and get paid highly but not all can have the luxury of working as a telemarketing professional. Though working in the telemarketing industry is very rewarding, many do not know the health issues that afflict telemarketers. Let’s take a look at those common ailments and how to avoid them.Stress. The emotional and physical strain of spending most of the day sitting on workstations and making calls and working on shifts can take its toll on your body. You may not be aware of it but you are suffering from work-related stress. Manifestations of stress are poor concentration and irritability. Failing to deal with stress can lead to serious consequences on one’s health. Take some time off by “de-stressing” yourself. Give yourself a little pampering by having a relaxing massage to take away all the tension that has accumulated in your body.Back strain. Many telesales professionals complain of back strain, which is an injury to the muscles surrounding the spine. This happens when agents do not sit properly for extended periods. This pain on your back can be avoided by engaging in stretching exercises during your break periods and even while you’re making calls. Always sit up straight and use an ergonomically designed chair that supports your back.Eye strain. In multitasking, you tend to stare on your computer screen for hours uninterrupted. Before you know it, you are having eye strain. The stress on your eyes has caused it to become sore and red. In some cases, eye strain is accompanied by other health problems such as headaches. Give your eyes a rest once in a while. Using proper lighting will relieve the strain on your eyes.Loss of hearing. Using cheap headset makes you prone to “feedback”. Occasionally, there may be an accidental feedback that causes a very loud noise that can damage your inner ear, putting you at risk of losing your hearing permanently. If you notice that you are gradually losing your hearing ability, take the time to check your headset. Make sure that the headset you are using is of good quality. Your health and safety should be the primary concern of your company.Loss of voice. As a telemarketing professional, your voice is your biggest asset and talking for hours on end can cause voice fatigue. This can lead to an assortment of voice and throat problems. Neglecting this problem will put you in danger of losing your voice. Take extra care of your voice. Give it the rest that it deserves by having enough sleep and drinking enough water. Avoid smoking and drinking. They are simply bad for your voice.